Saffron Economics

Valuable products such as saffron worth having a specific economics for themselves. Because of the potentiality of international market and currency absorption power, saffron shall be at the center of attention in macro equation s of countries.
Saffron economics like saffron itself has many vast aspects and can be analyzed from differentlevels.
From this viewpoint, the saffron economics can be classified into three distinguished but connected levels:
-Loca l economy.
-Countr y economy .
-International economy.


Local economy

As we know saffron – compared to other plants – need s little watering. The importance of this independence will be better realized when we get to know that in watering season (summer), saffron will continueits growth with almost no need to water.
So, the farmers who live in regions capable of growing saffron will become eager to cultivate it. For growing saffron all the aspects shall be taking into consid eration. After picking the flowers, a new story begin s. However, the farmers undertake to cul tivate saffron for various reasons.
They learn to become more patient because contrary to vegetables and grains, saffron is not a short time yielding product. its fruit ca n not even be guaranteed for years.

Saffron is a pere1mial plant. From the ntiddle years the production reaches its peak and then decreases. After an eight years period, the bulbs can be h•ansferred to another fanning land. They are replaced by new bulbs. The farmers should be patient till the middle years and the peak of production . So, in comparison to other products, the great value of saffron will be clarified . The farmers have not used much water. They have not also taken much care of the plant. The expenses they pay are very little. Just picking the flowers and separating the stigma from them .
The financial ability of the farmers in safhon regions and those in other regions is quite different. The fanners living in the vicinity of cities go to the city for buying thing. So, the income from saffron production will be transferred to cities. Consequently, a compari son between saffron growing cities and other cities is like the comparison between safhon cultivating farmers to the other farmers.
The mmual celebrating feast in Torbate Heidarie and few other cities is a ground for the farmers to share their happiness resulted from saffron cultivation to other people. Although in these feasts we share our happiness, it sha11 not be forgotten that we have not reached the end of the way. At every moment there is the risk of quality fall. By the way, subjects like the stigma s, drying and gathering them to send for quality control and packing shall always be taken care of.
Torbate Heidarie has undoubtedly the best saffron. So, why Iran’s share of the world markets has been so little before? Why other counhies have had such a high share? Any comparison between Iran and other countries on the subject of the amount of saffron products is quite impossible. We will discuss it later in this article.