Saffron Industrial Purposes

indush•ial applications of saffron and to deal with other aspects of this valuabl e plant. In general, the most important indush•ies can be counted as below:
-Dyeing indush•ies
-Perfumery and aromatic indush•ies
-Repairing and maintenance of artistic works


Dyeing industry

The major factor or the most important factor in saffron stigma IS crocine from which saff ron color arises. On the other hand , we can refer to cartoneids which are the pigments solved in the saffron little fat. Saffron color was once the roya l color in the ancient Greece. Even now the beautifu l color of saffron stigma is one of the most expressive colors for stain threads of valuable and fine clothes. Becau se this plant is too expensive, it ca n not be used i n large amounts for stainin g. Of course, there is no limitation but the price. Tf there sh ould be any economic ju stification, thi s color can be u sed in wide scope.
At the time being, this color is mostly u sed to stain silk, for example, to create artistic design s and forms. Bes id e the beautiful color, saff ron has the characteristic of disinfection. The value of saffron can only be com pared to silk. By u sing saffron on silk, we are certain to h ave bea u tif ul cloth es resista nt to any fu n gi or inf ecti on .

Saffron is also used in wearing induslly, and staining carpet woof. In Turkey, like some parts of Iran, special warps and woof s are used for weaving artistic carpets. Saffron is one of the final factors that determine the real value of hand woven carpets.
Purple, purple reddish and yellow can be produced using saffron. N ice to know that combination of purple, red and their n1ediatory colors will create wonderful scene when they are put next to yellow.
In producing the needed colors in weaving industry, saffron is a two color plant: yellow and red.
Carpet weavers use these colors and create extraordinary mixtures.
Mirthful saffron odor, especially the odor from stigma, influences the air so that carpet weavers always feel happy and joyf ul while ‘”‘eaving carpets.
Great Mr. Mohammad J-lassan Abrishami in his valuable book “Getting acquainted to Iran saffron ” always refers to girls who are getting out of the carpet workshops happy and joyful not fatigue and depressed. He tries to show the positive impression of saffron smell on human feelings and sentiments.


Perf umery and environm ental fragrant

How much does a drop of the most expensive perfumes cost? How much do 0.16 grams of that perfume cost? Nobody can deny the sweet fragrance of saffron. from distillation of how many grams of fine stigma is one gram of essence extra cted ? The concept of low quantity and high value, remind s as of gold once more.
Safranal is a major part of sweet saffron fragrance. In old times, saffron was directly used for aromatizing the air but now due to its highvalue it is limited to the laboratories.
The compressed perfum e market has led prod u cing com pa niesto special new m a terials. Each company has got new formula and has made special fragrances by mixing safranal with other essences. The formula is top secret for a producing company. All of them knew that the perfume market is gradually been directed toward nature fragrances.On the other hand, the manufactures can maneuver more than the It seems that the odor of philosophy schools in old Greece -the same odor Plato and Aristotle smelt- could be one day smelt by us.



Using saffron for warehousing is limited to Middle East countries. Nothing has been reported about this method in western warehousing. Disinfection property of saffron is sometimes the best protection for the materials which will produce fungi when stored in a closed place. Saffron is needed in India for long maintenance of food stuffs, especially for a specific food named “Sandesh” • In Iran and some other counhies saffron is used in little package amidst the clothes to both make them sweet and prevent them from its bad leftover odor. The leftover bad odor is because of the damp imprisoned in the suitcases’ room. If saffron is not the best damp absorber, it is one of the best ones.


Repairing and maintaining sensitive works of art

Many important cultural art works of Middle and East Far East of Asia are the ones painted/ written on deer skin. Iranian, Chinese and Japanese miniatures and calligraphies, which are of international fame are all exposed to deshuction. The animal origin of the plants on which the works of art are created may hurt them more probably.
The writer himself ha s an experience in this respect. Once, a work of art was submitted to him. He was to repair the hundred year old work of art. The paper was not made of deer skin but it was badly heated and was exposed to destruction. The ca lligraphy and some parts of the page decoration were destroyed .
The writer had no information about saffron ‘s repairing and maintenance effects at that time. He tried man y ways and finally tried saffron. By means of saffron and its color and some other herbal colors, he could repair the desboyed parts and protect the work for many years.
The same disinfection characteristics of Indian warehousing sing and Iranian cloth protection once more helped the old art work.
If a substance, an extract or a plant is able to maintain its idiosyncratic effect since ancient time, how many medicines Asian and western countries can produce by paying attention to its manifold aspects? This is a way which will be continued . Someday saffron was used to stabilize works of art. Today it is also used to stabilize the printed laser pictures.



Obviously, if saffron is needed in a large quantity in a specific indusby, it will be possible after setting the economic problems. But sometimes in order to make use of saffron’s benefits, there is no need in large quantities. ln the case of chandlery and soap making indusbies, using saffron’s smell, color or its other benefits only a little amount is enough . Candle has a special place in western and eastern culture. So, making use of saffron in chandlery is a kind of unification between east & west. Candle is the symbol of wisdom and sacrifice, and saffron is the symbol of the mythical man which was chained to Caucasia n mountain s. Every evening an eagle took out his liver. As the big eagle flew away, the liver began to grow again; a new liver and another bigeagle with horrifying big claws. Saffron has its root inside the soil and raises its crimson stigma like the liver which always is growing.
Application of saff ron in chandlery is the real splendor and grea tness. It gives a poetic manner to the burning of the candle. Should thin ca ndle light up in a place of worship, its divine light and ultra smelling odor cleanse the worshipers 1 hearts.
Who knows? Maybe closeness chandlery indush•y approaching saff ron
causes the proximity of the environment desh•oyin g industry to the merciful nature of the earth. Maybe industry and technolog y could find out its candle-like quality through borrowing earths extracts. Maybe it should stop destroying the environment. Who knows?With such a brief reference to saffron applications in cooking art and to the well lmown herbal effects of this plant in traditional medicine and finally identifying the characteristic s and flexibility in modern medicine and pharmacology, we can now accept the application of 11Gold 11 for saffron. We b:y to numerate