Saffron Prices

For Update prices please contact us. 2019/07/17
Negin saffron(High quality) Super Negin  1195 $/kg
Negin saffron(Middle quality)  1116 $/kg
Sargol saffron A-grade(All-red)  940 $/kg
Sargol saffron B-grade(All-red)  892 $/kg
Poshal saffron A-grade  875 $/kg
Poshal saffron B-grade  857 $/kg
Poshal saffron C-grade  840 $/kg
Bunch saffron  697 $/kg
Long style saffron(White saffron)  76 $/kg
Saffron Flag

**These prices have 2 days validity from issue date and Ex-work price Mashhad-IRAN.**

 9 $/kg