About Mojalal Saffron

1- MOJALAL SAFFRON TOOS Company. (Limited)
2- Registration number: 222
3- Establish Date: 04/10/2006
4- focused on:
4-1: buy and packing and export of saffron and saffron products
4-2: buy and packing and export Pistachio
4-3: buy and packing and exporting raisins
4-4: buy and packing and export of agricultural and horticultural products
4-5: Participation in local and international exhibitions
4-6: import and distribution of agricultural and horticultural products
5- These are recorded in the field: MOJALAL

The MOJALAL Saffron Company with years of experience in the fields of producing, processing and trading of saffron and dried fruits has started its official activity since 2006. The company with the producing, processing and packaging of saffron and directly sends its high-quality products to customers.
With our experienced staff we are able to offer you the full range from making the decision to buy or to wait till finally delivering the goods to your warehouse. Our long term relations with quality suppliers and quality customers have created a unique position in the market.

The company has succeeded to reach the pre-planned goals in the below-mentioned fields:

1- Production of saffron in company’s farms, shopping saffron from farmers directly and selling to customers with no intermediaries.
2- Processing and packaging of saffron in standard, beautiful and modern packages.
3- Improving the saffron quality level, and presenting a high-quality product to customers.
4- Offering educational services to farmers in the fields of :
a- Harvesting saffron
b- Saffron stigma separation
c- Saffron drying
d- Maintaining dried saffron
5- We export our products to other countries. The countries that import our products include Kuwait, Hong Kong, China,Singapore,Malaysia,Spain,Italy United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and also Canada, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Armenia.

We believe our company is unrivaled and inimitable, because we concentrate our whole activity in producing desirable and high-grade products in order to stay in touch with customers.
Anybody talk about quality, but we accompanied the quality to our products. We guarantee you will love the quality of our products.