How to use Saffron

Saffron can be used in making different foods, drink and desserts. It is important to grind an appropriate amount of saffron for each time and it is important not to use extra amount of saffron.

Saffron in drink:

Make saffron powder and pour it in the saltshaker. Shake it two or tree times on your cup of tea or coffee. Mix it in drink. Saffron sherbet is made by adding ground saffron and sugar to cold water and it is a very suitable drink for quenching thirst in hot days.

Saffron in Desserts:

Adding ground saffron for the final mixture of ice-cream not only increases its nutritious and medicinal value but also brings the mixture a pleasant appearance and flavour.
It is also advice to add saffron to other dairy products like milk, yogurt, cream and yogurt drink.
Baking different types of cakes and cookies by natural and useful flavour of saffron will bring you a very pleasant result.

Saffron in foods:

You may use pleasant flavour and color of saffron for different types of food lie Kebab, grilled chicken, Halva, and fish and present health and power of the most precious spice of the world to your family and yourself.